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Hello everyone, and welcome to Kirby-Knights!

This group is about the knights of the Kirby universe, because the Internet needs more of them! You can help by submitting your artwork, but please follow the rules below before posting. I shall be doing a lot of quality control. If your work is not accepted and you want to know why, then please message me. I'll be happy to give you constructive criticism. - Thanks!


- All submissions MUST show at least one Galaxy Soldier/Knight of the Kirby world as the predominant focus of the image, as this is the group's main theme. Kirby does NOT count as a Galaxy Soldier or Knight.
- Please submit your art into the correct folder. If for some reason you cannot, then submit to Featured and I'll sort it out.
- Please do not spam or send abuse to ANY USERS, ART, OR THE GROUP PAGE. ABUSIVE COMMENTS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. People leaving spam or abuse shall be blocked and reported.
- Please remember to add Mature Content filters where required.

We do NOT accept:
- Pornographic material
- Gender bending
- Most ideologically sensitive material, however there may be exceptions

Other things to note:
- We do accept yaoi and yuri, as well as straight couples, but this does NOT mean that we will accept porn.
- OCs/FCs must stand alongside another Kirby character, and cannot be on their own. This is NOT an OC group.
- Please do not submit more than one page/chapter of a comic/fan fiction.
- Defying rules of submission will result in up to two warnings. If you continue, then you shall be blocked from the group/kicked out.

Pretty much everything else is accepted. THESE RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME. Thank you for reading through the rules. Have fun, and hope to see you around! ♥


The Crane Game by AgentLym August 1rst is Kirby's birthday!The Crane Game by AgentLym

:iconcakelickplz: KirbyHungry by BubbleKirby77Which means cake and watermelons (Kirby's favorite food) feasting galore~ KirbyHungry by BubbleKirby77 :iconcakelickplz:

So, for the month of August, there will be a Kirby birthday card event where you design a Kirby themed birthday card. It will be a card you can give anyone for their birthday. It will take place the whole month of August, so August 31rst would be the last day of the event so you don't feel pressured to rush~

This is a multi-grouped event and perhaps a contest. August 24 11:59 pm PDT is the ending time for the contest, but the event will be until the end of August! If we can get about 100 participants, we will have a contest!

Most of the event/judging takes place here at TheKirbyGroup but there will be other groups joining this event!

So, start procrastinating thinking of what to enter!

KirbyJoyful by BubbleKirby77 General Rules KirbyJoyful by BubbleKirby77

:iconkirbylaplz:As an event, you can post as many B-day card designs as you want. However, as a contest, you can only pick one! Make sure you post the contest to TheKirbyGroup if you would like it to be judged. You can get it removed before the contest ends if you would like to switch before August 24 at 11:59 pm PDT

:iconkirbydummyplz: This can be a traditional card or a digital one. You can make pop up cards, a flattened out clay card, an animated E card, etc! However, I would like it to actually be able to be USED as a birthday card so be sure to put your artist name cleverly in the card so people who share it know who to get more amazing art from.

That being said, make sure you watch the dimensions and do your homework for the size of the digital file. You don't want to have someone wanting to print it out and it be too big or too small!

:Kirbyhiii: by KawaiiKaabii You can have your Oc's for the event, but for the contest NO OC's. Let's keep the contest canon!

:iconkirbynoesplz: No NSFW, think of the children!

:star:Donation of points will be held off until we have enough participants. If you would like to be part of the prizes and have art requests, post your interest here at the TheKirbyGroup's journal so you will not be missed! :star:

Kirby Sleeping by mariomaster88
More Journal Entries










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Thank you for the Picture Invite! 
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Sooooo I'm guessing we can't post our OCs
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Any pictures of OCs must stand alongside a canon Kirby knight character, else it won't be excepted ;p
SammDrawsAlot Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uhhh duz that mean she has to like someone or me together with a knight? Heh...I I'm a very dumb person
DarthZaDr Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015
No, your OC just be in the picture with one of the canon knights
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metakirby3 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am going to submit an old story I did a while ago, it was my first story on deviantart
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